Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Baby Heartbeat Detector

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Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Baby Heartbeat Detector


● Battery status indicator.
● Check the battery with a low battery.
● Three modes: Real-time FHR, average FHR, manual mode.
● Built-in speaker.
● The output of the headphones.
● The probe can be replaced.
● Probe inspection.
● Backlight display.
●Automatically shut down.
● Replaceable Doppler probe.

1. Press the switch button to power on
2. Apply a coupling agent to the probe
3. Move the probe to find the appropriate fetal heart position (probe and skin contact)
●The instrument is a portable device. Please carefully prevent it from falling during use and pay attention to the safety of the instrument and personnel.
● Fetal heart rate is a device for checking the fetal heart rate for a short time. It is not suitable for monitoring the fetus for a long time. It cannot replace the traditional fetal monitor. If the user is suspicious of the measurement results of the instrument, other medical measures should be taken to confirm it.
● The probe is in contact with the skin and is broken or bleeding. The probe after use by the skin patient should be disinfected.
● The surface of the probe that is in contact with the patient may cause discomfort to the patient due to biocompatibility problems; the couplant may cause skin irritation to the user; if the patient feels uncomfortable or allergic, stop using it immediately and seek medical attention if necessary.
● We recommend that the ultrasound exposure time for pregnant women should be as small as possible while meeting clinical needs.
● When using the instrument, please use the earphones configured by the manufacturer. Using other headphones may cause the volume to decrease or the sound quality to change.
●The instrument cannot be used at the same time as the high-frequency surgical equipment. It cannot be used simultaneously with the fetal L-monitor. It is not possible to use two or more fetal heart-meters at the same time.
● The instrument cannot be used for adult heart rate measurement, otherwise, the accuracy of the measurement results is not guaranteed.
● The instrument is susceptible to portable or mobile RF communication equipment (such as mobile phones) when it is running. Avoid using portable or mobile RF communication equipment near the instrument. Otherwise, it may cause interference to the instrument, resulting in abnormal sound output or abnormal measurement values.
●The ultrasonic probe used in the instrument is a sensitive device. Please pay attention to it when handling it. Do not knock or hit it. Take care to prevent accidental damage such as dropping.
● When the instrument is used, it may generate a dose of electromagnetic radiation that may interfere with nearby electronic equipment or instruments.
● When using the instrument, household users should read the instruction manual carefully and consult a doctor, dealer, or manufacturer if necessary.

Model: FD100
Screen type: 45*25mm / LCD display
Heart rate range: beating 50~240 times/min
Resolution: beat once / minute
Output power: P<20mW
Launch area: <208mm
Working frequency: 2.0MHZ soil 10%
Working mode: continuous wave ultrasound Doppler
Type battery: two 1.5V batteries
Length, width, and height: 135*95 *35
LCD: 45mm x 25mm
Machine weight: about 180g (including battery)
Power mode: dry battery

Package Content
1* baby Heartbeat Detector