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Unfortunately, the Corona Virus is still impacting us all. In order to keep our customers, and our staff members as safe as possible we have been, and will continue to follow all precautions and guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
In doing so, we have to work with less staff, and constant unpredictable changes Worldwide due to the virus.
That being said.... 
We still offer expedited, affordable, shipping options and a FREE shipping option......both available WorldWide.
Currently the BEST way to reach us is to call or text us directly.
or message us on Facebook.
Please understand and express patience during these complex times.
We are doing our very best and will always be willing to go above and beyond to make anything right for our customers.
Please allow 24-48 hours to return any calls or messages if we happen to miss you.
We are headquartered in 
Palm Beach, Florida, and we have 6 locations Worldwide.