New! Cordless Wireless Automatic Hair Curler Portable Lightweight Hair Curling Iron

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We are so excited to announce the 1st wireless, portable, lightweight, compact size, USB chargeable, LCD display screen, automatic hair curling iron for women! Its about dang time we had wireless hands free curling irons!! This instant curler iron is so lightweight, and portable you will want to take it with you everywhere! Made with an LCD display screen, no cords, completely wireless, and USB rechargeable!! Get yours today while its still on sale!

Product description

This revolutionary technology allows you to curl and curl your hair anytime, anywhere.The wireless rechargeable automatic curling iron has a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a removable USB charging cable for charging.

After charging, the wireless automatic curling iron can be used cordless for up to 60 minutes. The running time will vary depending on the hair type and calorific value and the selected timer setting. Before using for the first time, please fully charge overnight. Charging time will depend on the adapter and power supply.

Use multi-directional curling chambers (left, right or mixed) up to 200 ° C to create beautiful curls and waves for professional curling effects. The heating and timer settings allow you to select the desired temperature and time settings to produce tight to loose curls and waves.

The cordless automatic curling iron is easy to use and can perfectly replace the traditional electric iron or cordless curling iron without any skills. It is very suitable for travel and anytime, anywhere modeling, and can be easily placed in your handbag or sports bag. Includes USB charger and 2 lithium-ion batteries.

Why choose our curling irons?

LCD screen

Clear temperature, direction, timer and battery level display, it will auto off after 10mins no operations.

Automatic Curling

60 mins Cord-free and automated curling hair without skills, instantly create beautiful and natural even wave hair. You can create beautiful curls or waves anytime and anywhere. Everyone can be a hair curling expert



Made from environmentally friendly alloy.