Remote Control Flying Shark Toy Flying Nemo Clown Fish Air Swimmer

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Air Swimmers Remote Controlled large flying shark toy or flying Nemo clown fish toy that is certain to make any child or adults day better and a birthday party a lot more fun!! Kids loving showing of this toy at parties! This is one of the top selling children's toys right now and kids are obsessed with these things! We play with them in our store all the time so we get it! Be prepared for your kids to ask for one very soon if they haven't already!

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  • It can go Up/down, go forward & backward, turn right & left
  • This fish is vivid that its tail can swing, body is inert gas helium, safety!
  • The body is made from a high quality, durable foil material that will stay inflated for weeks!
  • Steers in Any Direction
  • Swim through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like motion.
  • These amazing toys provides hours of remote control flying fun
  • 360 degree turning control.
  • You can fill again and again.
  • Controller: Infra-red
  • Remote Functions: climb, descend, and tail fin control

You choose either Shark or Clown fish Nemo

Length (with tail): 57 inches

Height (with fins): 36 inches

 Package Includes:

1x Shark or Clown fish Nemo (in box)

 1x Remote Control

 Battery for controller:4 "AAA"batteries for transmitter