Fast Shipping Portable Travel Car Seat Airplane Booster Seats

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Our portable travel car seats are lightweight, foldable, packable, and super easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle or even airplane to airplane. These are for toddlers 2 years old and up. They are not designed for infants, newborns, or children under the age of 2. The portable travel car seat will make life so much easier!!

This is the absolute best thing in the world if you are traveling with kids. It is so convenient to switch in and out, you will never want to mess with a hard to hook up, bulky, car seat again. We have customers buy this for traveling every single day and it gets rave reviews. This is the best option to optimize your child’s safety and give you piece of mind so you can actually relax and enjoy your vacation fully. The PORTABLE CAR SEAT fits any carseat or suv and is perfect for children at least 20 pounds or more, and at least 2 years old. 

It features a 5 Point Harness, thick padded double shoulder straps, an easy to wash breathable mesh, adjustable waist straps on both sides, and it has two completely adjustable straps on the back to secure around any vehicles seat easily. 


  • The PORTABLE CAR SEAT fits any car or suv and is perfect for children at least 20 pounds or more, and at least 2 years old
  • Our Portable Travel Car Seats are aloud on all flights and by all airlines!
  • Flight Attendants love these because they help keep toddlers in their seats and  not running down the airplane aisle!
  • They fit perfectly into any airplane seat without reaching over into a  passengers seat or overcrowding the area at all like a normal car seat would.
  • They are foldable.
  • They only WEIGH 12 OUNCES!!
  • They ARE GREAT FOR GOLF CARTS and we have customers buy them regularly for them.