Travel Car Seat Fast Shipping Folding Toddler Booster Seat

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Travel Car Seat Fast Shipping Folding Toddler Booster Seat


Our portable travel car seats are a parents dream come true. They are foldable, convertible, extremely lightweight, and will fit any car, truck, SUV, bus, cab, Uber, and airplane seat with ease. They have also become very popular with our customers on golf carts for added safety and protection. Especially when your already a little nervous about the grandparents driving that bad boy at night as it is. This is amazing for handicapped and disabled children who have trouble conforming to a regular car seat because they do not adjust to any mobility issues or join movement restrains that many handicapped children have. The possibilities for additional safety are endless with this product. Especially when regular car seats are not an option or are extremely difficult for a child or adult with limited mobility of their arms or legs. Regular car seats cannot be bent, molded, and adjusted to fit their bodies. They are designed for the masses and with one standard set position and body placement. This car seat will make traveling and everyday life so much easier for parents. This is also the absolute best thing in the world if you are traveling with toddlers and if you hate having to deal with a huge, heavy, bulky, car seat. This can also be a wonderful and sometimes an only option for disabled children. Especially if they have mobility issues that make it hard to bend or move there arms or legs. Other car seats, are made of hard non movable plastic versus the portable car seats that can be moved, bent, folded, and adjusted to fit any child ages 2-8. Also, children that have undergone any surgeries of the hips, or legs, or have casts on and cant bend those areas this is also a great option. We have had many parents reach out to us and purchase this product for the examples mentioned and all have been very happy with it. The convertible Travel child safety car seat is so convenient to switch in and out, you will never want to mess with a heavy, hard to hook up, bulky, car seat again. Whether you will be in your car, taking a taxi, a shuttle, or flying on private or commercial airlines this is the best option to optimize your child’s safety and give you piece of mind to enjoy your vacation fully. 


-Made for toddlers 2-8 years old   -Minimum age is 2 years old 

-Minimum weight is 20 Pounds


-Forward Facing 

-5 Point Harness

-Made from Oxford mesh breathable and easy to clean material

-Can be folded and packed to fit into any tote, suitcase, or small carry on bag.

-Has 2 straps on the back that attach all the way around any car, truck, or airplane seat with ease to secure it into place

-Your cars seat belt goes through the front 5 point harness and then clicks into your cars seat belt fasten for additional safety.

-Yes it can be used on any airplane and with all airlines.

-Best of all.... it ONLY WEIGHS 12 OUNCES!!


Below is a photo sent to us by happy customers after using our portable car seats on an airplane with their two beautiful little girls. Not only did the parents absolutely love them but so did their little girls.

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