Fast Shipping Travel Car Seat Portable Childrens Booster Carseat

  • Fast Shipping Travel Car Seat Portable Childrens Booster Carseat

Fast Shipping Travel Car Seat Portable Childrens Booster Carseat


Our Portable Car Seats are life changing for many parents. Why? Because they offer something every parent has wished for.... ease and simplicity for toddler transport. They are multi functional. They can be used in any car, truck, cab, van, suv, shuttle, bus, or airplane seat. Our portable travel car seat fits perfectly on any commercial or private airplane and can even fit into a small carry on bag!

The portable travel car seat is so lightweight, and user friendly you and your family will love using it. Most importantly your kids will love it as well! Happy kids make happy parents! This is one of the easiest things you will ever pack if you are traveling. It is completely foldable, bendable, packable, and best of all....its not breakable, dentable, or scratch-able! You can throw it into your suitcase, carry it in a tote bag, a large purse, or even a child size backpack with zero worries about lugging a huge bulky car seat or dealing with difficult installations. Best of all our Portable Travel Car Seat ONLY WEIGHS 12 OUNCES!!

We cant say enough good things about this product. It is so easy to pack, carry, and so easy to switch from vehicle to vehicle, cab to cab, or airplane to airplane. You will never want to mess with a heavy, hard to hook up, bulky car seat again. Whether you will be in your car driving down the road, riding in cabs, or flying on an airplane this is the best option to optimize your child’s safety and give you piece of mind.

For Children ages 2-8 years old.

Minimum Age: 2       

Minimum weight: 20 pounds

We are the ONLY company that keeps these in U.S stock.

Don't end up waiting 6-9  weeks for this!

Call us or text us directly at the store anytime. If we miss your call leave a detailed voicemail and we will return your call in 24-48 hours or less, or we will GIVE YOU A $5 GIFT CARD!!

The picture below shows two toddler girls both using our pink portable car seats on an airplane. This was sent to us from their parents raving about how much they loved the travel car seats! The girls look pretty happy to me. Below the photo are a few or our reviews. We hope to help you and your family soon.

Warm regards,

Loving Lane Co. 


April Brodsky
Extremely happy with them. The fast shipping alone would have gotten them 5 stars. The product was exactly what I ordered. But then they went even further than that! They sent my order email and a personalized email thanking me for my business and then I open my package to find the exact thing I ordered AND a small gift for my daughter with a sticker that they hand wrote saying thank you. I will be recommending Loving Lane to everyone I talk to!!