Welcome to Loving Lane Co. 

  We want to make your world a little prettier, and a lot happier. Looking good equals feeling good. We carry the latest in fashion, fitness, health, beauty, swimwear and much more. We cater to all women at all ages and all stages in life. Including dresses, rompers, swimwear, athletic apparel, kids, toddlers, and baby clothes, toys, and baby gear.
We pride ourselves on being a 1 Stop Shop for Women and Children. From bikins to baby gear we have you covered!
We cater to all women, at any age, shape, and size. 
We offer worldwide shipping quickly, and affordably.
We have been in business Since November 2017.
We offer 24/7 Customer Service with zero automations. 
We did not pop up over night like 90 percent of our competitors, and we are NOT based in China. 
We have 3 locations in the United States, 2 location in Australia, 1 location in the United Kingdom, and our newest location in Panama. 
Every single day we get calls and emails from multiple customers who have been taken advantage of by these overnight companies pretending to be based in the US and that lie about their products safety, features, and shipping times just to get a sale.
Often they NEVER send the product at all.  
 Sadly this is the #1 complaint we hear about from all our customers. 
We have included some tips to help you and your loved ones avoid these mistakes.
1.) Pay close attention to their shipping times. Often they will offer Free shipping and then wont include any shipping times frames at all. That means they can actually get away with not sending your purchase for months.
2.) Look for small but abnormal grammatical errors throughout their descriptions. This is a huge red flag.
Feel free to call, text, or email our team anytime. We would love to hear from you and help you in any way.