Ultrasonic Vibration Beauty Instrument Face Lift Skin Tightening Facial Deep Cleansing Skin Care Cosmetic Device Machine

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The shape of your face was given by your mother when you were born. But the beauty of your face can be changed by your own endeavor. Thus, ladies who want to be beautiful as girls forever, have you ever endeavored to maintain your beauty? No one can stop time-moving, but our beauty instrument can help you erase the trace of time.

- Two functions: this instrument has double functions, hot and cool massage, you can use them depending on your needs.
- Open pores: heating function can open your pores easily, facilitate blood circulation and discharge toxin.
- Water-locking: cooling function can shrink pores, which enables shrinking the water and nutrient in the deep layer of the face, moistening your skin.
- Detumescence and acne remove: cooling function accompanied by sonic vibration can do detumescence and remove acne.
- Anti-wrinkling and whitening: this instrument can help you permeate collagen into the deeper layer of skin, withstanding wrinkles effectively.
- Relieve fatigue: this instrument can relieve eye fatigue, decrease pressure and refresh your consciousness.
- Tighter skin: heating function can activate maturing cells, tightening your skin.