Pinching The Ball 400 Children Puzzle Pieces

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The pinching ball is a third generation of new children's puzzle splicing toys, which has been awarded the toy academy TOTY award. Relative block magnetic plate has bright color, many stitching not stick, more flexible and rounder and more lifelike advantages! It USES imported food grade environmental protection material, non - toxic and harmless! The whole boxed set has 370 a variety of shapes of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane ball and 36 accessories, children can according to the directions or splices imagine all sorts of modelling, enhance children's and imagination ability, let the children say goodbye to mobile phone and tablet, free play it play out pattern and colorful children a happy childhood!

400+ color box pengpeng kneading ball, a box of 370 small pengpeng ball +36 limbs small accessories.

Size: 29cm x 28 cm x 6.5cm

Material: American imported dupont food grade plastic

It contains:

Blue *50 green *50 purple *50 yellow *50

Orange *50 red *50 white *20 black *50

Accessories *36 instructions *1