Sale! Manduca Baby Carrier Ergonomic Organic Baby Slings

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The super popular German made best selling baby carrier. People ask us all the time where are products some from and where they are made. What most people dont realize is that everything you buy, even the top designers and highest selling brands in the world.... 99 percent of the time come from China. For example.....Ergobaby carriers....come from China and India. We are not knocking them. They are a fantastic product. However, If you are looking for a product made of the highest quality and standards then the Manduca Baby Carrier is the baby carrier for you. Made in Germany out of all organic cotton this is the Cadillac of baby carriers and on sale for a limited time only.

The Manduca’s unique design makes carrying your child as comfortable, safe, and enjoyable as possible for you and your child.

For babies and toddlers the Manduca is built to last and can hold children up to 4 years of age.

Comfortable for your child

  • adjustable head and neck rest
  • upholstered buckles
  • zippers and snap-fasteners are all nickel-free
  • lining is 100% organic cotton
  • promotes proper sitting posture and a healthy spine

Comfort for you

  • extra wide belts at the hip and shoulder ensure even weight distribution
  • with a sophisticated belt system enabling you to adjust the Manduca to fit you perfectly
  • the baby carrier is still light weight even though so durable
  • made from organic cotton, extra soft, and no chemical or cheap materials on your skin or your babies!



Design made in Germany Organic cotton M Position Organic cotton and hemp