LED Germicidal Light UV Disinfectant Light Home Sterilization

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Brand new disinfection lighting technology. This germicidal light can offer 30 times power ability of sunshine. It can work for bed, room space, object surface or any other places that you need to disinfect!


Regular E26/E27 base. Very easy to install. The irradiation area up to 500sq ft.

Function All-Purpose UVC clean lamp: can use for bedroom, quilt, pillow, bath towel, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, HVAC duct, Garage, factory, office, school, workshop, etc.

Recommended to use twice a week to keep germs regularly gone.

How to use:

- Goods surface: (5 minutes once). Put goods within 4 ft of the light, such as cups, bottles, toothbrushes, shaver, cell phones, keyboards, clothes ...

- Small space: (5 minutes once). ≤ 50 sq.ft. as shoe cabinet, drawer, toy box, wardrobe.

- Small room: (15 minutes once). ≤ 200 sq.ft. such as dog / chicken house, toilet, storage room.

-  Larger room: (15-60 minutes once). ≤ 400 sq.ft. kitchen, living room, bedroom ...

The Warning when use this bulb:

1. Because the UV-C ray will hurt eyes and skin, so please do n’t look at the working bulb.

2. People / pet / plant ca n’t be exposed to the UVC light, must left room when lamp work.


Watt: 60W

Voltage: 110V-277V

Wavelength: 254nm bulb

Package Included:

(1 TO 0)1X Led UV Corn Light Bulb

(1 TO 2)1X Led UV Corn Light Bulb  1X Lamp holder 1X remote control/NOT included Battery